By: Stacie Mori

Well Wishes and Real Estate as an Essential Service During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Dear Friends & Clients,

It has indeed been an interesting few weeks...which already may feel like an eternity for some. A time of uparalleled circumstances as we navigate Covid-19. First and foremost, I wish you, your families, friends & colleagues an abundance of support and love.
To my clients past, present and future, please know that I am here to serve your real estate needs as best possible and following the appropriate physical distancing practices as set out by our governing bodies.
At the time of this newsletter, land registration services, real estate services and moving services are indeed considered essential services. My colleagues and I are here to help should you need information, knowledge or assistance with your real estate needs. For a complete list of Essential Services click here.
How, you might ask, can we continue to serve your real estate needs?.....
Carefully, creatively and with the utmost concern and thoughtfulness towards the safety of you, your family, myself and anyone else who might be involved in your real estate transaction.
Technology has given us the great gift of being able to view homes, tour homes, sign documents and communicate as close to as in-person as possible. And if there is a need to be in-person, we know the safety measures to carefully and diligently take in compliance with Alberta Health Services to ensure exposure is at an absolute minimum. We have checklists for buyers, checklist for sellers and will take every precaution necessary.
IS buying or selling a home under these extreme circumstances for everyone? No, of course not. There are folks out there, however, who do need to Buy and/or Sell for job relocations, leases expiring, or who have already bought or sold another home and simply must move.
This may not answer all your questions, it may in fact creat more questions. I encourage you to reach out and I'd love to have a virtual coffee with you to discuss our market, your needs, what the future might hold and best strategies as you consider your options.
And most of all, as alone as you might feel right now, we are all in this together. I would love to connect, even if it's not real estate related. There could be blessings to be found in these crazy times as our families, communities, and support systems get tighter even as the distances seem to grow further.
Stay safe, healthy (in body & spirit) and be good to one another.......